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Replacing the natural function and esthetics of a missing tooth (or teeth) can be a challenging assignment, and, while no dental restoration can literally substitute for a real tooth, an implant is the most similar known solution from current dental technology. Dental implants are a revolutionary and versatile part of current dental treatment plans. One or more dental implants can be used to take the place of one tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth – top and/or bottom. Dental implants can be used to secure porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges or non-slip dentures.

Who Can Benefit From Dental Implants?

Athletes Both Young And Old

It isn’t odd that a young person has an accident or injury while playing a sport and damages or loses one or more teeth. Of course, the dentist will tell you to search for the tooth, push it back into the empty socket, and start immediately for the dentist’s office. Because the athlete believes that the team needs them, the dentist often isn’t consulted until the next day.

With modern dentistry, instead of putting in a bridge that may need to be replaced in a few years, we can place a dental implant that could last from twenty years to as long as their entire lifetime.

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Teens (And Sometimes Young Adults) Who Are Missing Their Eye Teeth (Canines)

Frequently, we see a young person who has wide gaps on each side of their smile where their eye teeth are supposed to be. To us, it’s a dental problem, but to that kid who is most likely moving into high school or just attending a university, it’s more importantly an appearance issue.

Not so long ago, many doctors used braces to push the teeth together which really messed up the youngster’s occlusion (bite) for the rest of their lives. Now, Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess can open up the spaces even further and then place implants so that young person’s smile not only looks completely normal, the teeth mesh comfortably and the occlusion (bite) is balanced.

Of course, as a rule of thumb, Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess do not place dental implants into a young adult’s mouth before they’ve graduated high school.

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People With Loose Dentures Or Partials

Patients with all of their teeth missing and who have dentures and are finding it hard to maintain good nutrition because they cannot chew many healthy foods, arrive at our practice seeking help. These patients are unable to enjoy the foods that they used to like.

But then, by using a couple of dental implants in their jaws that solidly secure the dentures, it’s as if you give them all of their own natural teeth back again. Dental implants are secure, esthetically natural and are very strong. Patients with dental implants can smile, laugh and eat and have no anxiety that their denture may move around or make noticeable noises.

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Who Qualifies To Get Dental Implants?

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is in good general and oral health. You cannot have gum disease or any other compromising infection or condition in your mouth. You’ll need strong bones to securely anchor the dental implants. To determine this, Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess will gauge the bone density and quantity. Don’t forget that, in a few cases where bone has diminished because of periodontal (gum) disease, implants may not be possible right away. If you do not have sufficient bone in your jaw, this can be addressed with a bone graft or use of artificial bone to give you enough bone where the implants will be placed.

There are specific illnesses or conditions that may prohibit you from electing to have dental implants, while other conditions will probably temporarily postpone your implants until those issues are successfully resolved. These include:

• Diabetes that is not stabilized
• Undergoing chemotherapy treatment
• Radiation therapy
• A disorder of the parathyroid
• Disorders of the blood
• Bone diseases
• Bone marrow cancer
• Sinus cavities that descend into the upper jaw
• Osteoporosis

To check if you’re a good candidate to get a tooth implant, you ought to speak to Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess. You should ask about Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess’s thorough schooling and experience in the case of tooth implants. Dental implant placement is in fact oral surgery and it is important to make sure that Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess tells you about the experience and training for this type of procedure.

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