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Substituting the natural function and esthetics of a missing tooth (or teeth) is a challenging assignment and, while there isn’t anything that can 100% substitute for one’s real tooth, a dental implant is the closest man-made answer from today’s dentistry. Dental implants are a nearly miraculous and versatile part of today’s dental treatment plans. One or more dental implants can be used to replace one tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth – top and/or bottom. Dental implants can be used as a solid base to porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges or non-slip dentures.

Who Can Benefit From Dental Implants?

Teens (And Sometimes Young Adults) Who Are Missing Their Eye Teeth (Canines)

Frequently, we see a boy or girl who has congenitally-missing canines (eye-teeth). To us, it’s a dental condition, but to that kid who is about to be transitioning into high school or possibly starting college, it’s definitely a social problem.

In the past, many doctors simply moved the teeth together creating a mismatched bite and the potential for chronic headaches and nighttime grinding of the teeth. At Dentistry by Design, we can ask an orthodontist to move the teeth so the spaces actually become larger and then place dental implants so the resulting smile is not only gorgeous, the teeth mesh comfortably and the occlusion (bite) is balanced.

Remember, as a rule of thumb, Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess do not place implants into a young adult’s mouth until their teeth have completely matured.

Dentistry by Design Dental Implant Missing Canines

Athletes Both Young And Old

It isn’t odd that a young person has an accident or sports injury and end up with a gap in their smile. Of course, the smart thing to do immediately following the trauma is to retrieve the tooth, put the tooth under the athlete’s tongue if it’s been cracked off, and start immediately for the dentist’s office. Because the game may seem more important, the logic doesn’t stand a chance against the emotion of the gme.

With modern dentistry, Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess can place a dental implant so the virgin teeth on each side don’t have to be ground down for a three-unit bridge.

Dentistry by Design Dental Implant Sports 2

People With Loose Dentures Or Partials

Seniors, or often middle-aged adults, who have lost all of their teeth and who have dentures and are finding it hard to maintain good nutrition because they cannot chew many healthy foods, can be almost desperate for a solution. These patients can’t eat the foods that they really like.

But then, by placing two or three implants in the jaw bone that attach to the dentures, it’s as if you give them all of their own natural teeth back again. Dental implants are stable, look like real teeth and are extremely durable. Patients who get dental implants are able to smile, laugh and eat without fear of embarrassment that their denture may slip or click.

Dentistry by Design Dental Implant Dentures Example

Could I Get Dental Implants?

The best candidates for dental implants have good oral health and are also healthy over all. You cannot have gum disease or any other compromising infection or condition in your mouth. Your jawbone, whether upper or lower, needs to have enough density and volume to securely hold the dental implant. To determine this, Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess will gauge your bone density and quantity. Don’t forget that, in a few cases where patients have lost bone because of periodontal disease, dental implants may not be possible right away. If you are lacking in bone quantity, in your jaw, this can be addressed with a graft of bone or through the use of artificial bone to raise the quality rating of bone in the implant area.

There are certain medical factors that may prohibit you from getting dental implants, while other situations might temporarily sidetrack your dental implants until those issues are addressed. The most common are:

• Diabetes that is not stabilized
• Currently receiving chemotherapy
• Undergoing radiation treatment
• A disorder of the parathyroid
• Certain blood disorders
• Bone diseases
• Cancer of the bone marrow
• Low sinus cavities
• Chronic bone density issues

To see if you’re a good candidate for a dental implant, you need to speak with Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess. Make certain that you ask Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess about their extensive training in implant dentistry. Like other types of oral surgery, dental implant placement requires a certain degree of experience and training that a lot of dentists simply do not have.

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