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Replicating the natural appearance and utility of a missing tooth (or teeth) can be a daunting feat, and, while no dental restoration can perfectly substitute for one’s real tooth, a dental implant is the closest known solution from current dental choices. Dental implants are an exciting and versatile part of current dental treatment plans. They can be used to take the place of one tooth, several teeth or your entire upper or lower set of teeth. Dental implants can be utilized to secure crowns, bridges or removable dentures.

Who Might Need Implants?

People With Loose Dentures Or Partials

Patients with all of their teeth missing and who have dentures and are unable to chew, arrive at our practice seeking help. These patients cannot eat many of their favorite foods anymore.

However, by using just a few dental implants underneath the denture that solidly secure the dentures, they feel like they have all their natural teeth once more. Dental implants are secure, esthetically natural and have the strength of natural teeth. When someone gets dental implants, they find it easy to smile, laugh and eat without fearing that their denture may slip or click.

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Athletes Both Young And Old

Sometimes, a young person has an accident or injury from sports and damages or loses one or more teeth. Of course, the wise move to make when that occurs is to retrieve the tooth, push it back into the empty socket, and quickly head for the dentist’s office. Tragically for the tooth, the dentist often isn’t consulted until the next day.

With modern dentistry, Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess can place a dental implant so the virgin teeth on each side don’t have to be ground down for a three-unit bridge.

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Teens (And Sometimes Young Adults) Who Are Missing Their Eye Teeth (Canines)

Frequently, we see a young person who’s permanent smile came in without their eye teeth. To Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess, it’s a dental situation, but to that kid who is probably just transitioning into high school or just starting college, it’s definitely a dating catastrophe.

Just twenty years ago, orthodontists simply moved the teeth together creating a mismatched bite and the potential for temporomandibular joint disorder. At Dentistry by Design, we can open up the spaces even further and then place implants so the smile is not only beautiful, the teeth function and mesh together as if there were never anything wrong.

Remember, as a rule of thumb, Dentistry by Design will not place dental implants in a young person’s mouth until they reach the age of 17 – 18 years old,

Dentistry by Design Dental Implant Missing Canines

Who Qualifies To Get Dental Implants?

If you are in good health, both in your mouth and in your body, you are probably a good candidate. You should also have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease. Adequate bone must also be available in your jaw to support the dental implant and hold it securely in place. To check that out, Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess will assess your bone quantity and the density of that bone. Remember that, in some patients where bone has diminished because of periodontal (gum) disease, implants might not be appropriate immediately. If you are lacking in bone quantity, in your jaw, this most likely will be able to be augmented with a bone graft or use of artificial bone to raise the quality rating of bone in the implant area.

There are specific medical factors that could stop you from getting dental implants, while other factors will probably only stall your implants until the conditions are resolved. Here is a checklist:

• Diabetes
• Currently receiving chemotherapy
• Currently receiving radiation
• A disorder of the parathyroid
• Certain blood disorders
• Bone disorders
• Cancer of the bone marrow
• Enlarged sinus cavity or cavities
• Chronic bone density issues

If you believe that implants might be a solution to your problem, get the professional advice of Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess to determine if you’re a good candidate for a dental implant. Make sure you inquire about Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess’s thorough training and experience in regards to dental implants. Dental implant placement is actually oral surgery and you must ensure that Drs. Gilsdorf and Guess tells you about the experience and training for this type of surgery.

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